Online gaming on the beach – sign me up!

  •  Wireless network smashes world speed record  A new world record has been set for transmitting data across a wireless network, claim researchers in Germany. A team at Siemens Communications research laboratory in Munich, have transmitted one gigabit (one billion bits) of data per second across their mobile network. By contrast, the average wireless computer network can send only around 50 megabits (50 million bits) of data per second.

Networking gets very exciting when wires are not involved.  The air solves lots of issues with hardware costs and maintenance.  Plus the frill of mobility is wonderful.  All I want is one cellular/mobile/ISP service so that my phone and computer can use the same service and I can be connected as much as I want from anywhere I want.  Is that so much to ask?  Of course not, but I want all that without costing a fortune in devices/hardware/monthly costs.  Ah well, the future is always closer than we expect.