New Media

Dan Gillmor, who has written a column about technology for the San Jose Mecury News for 10 years, has decided to uphold the principles he writes about in We the Media. He has quit his journalism job to explore grassroot journalism through a new blog and by supporting and promoting these changes in the way we get our news. His new blog is at I have changed the link on the right to reflect the change in his blog address. Dan has some interesting ideas on how the ideas of a community can affect news and the way it is broadcast. This grassroots journalism allows small events which could not normally be covered by large media companies to get some of the spotlight and also allows everyone to have a voice. Of course some of the issues are the legitimacy of the news and the people reporting. But by collaborating and pulling tidbits of information from different sources, people can get a broader, more detailed view of the world and specific situations. The future of this type of voice is sure to change how we communicate and view the world.