The Future of the Net

NYTimes: The Internet’s Future? It Depends on Whom You Ask The survey results solidly confirm what media watchers may already know (and perhaps fear): that the Internet and the rise of the blogger are expected to drive greater change in the news media and publishing industries than in any other sector of society. Internet specialists also expect broad changes in education and working life, and 50 percent of respondents say they believe – despite all of the lawsuits filed by the recording and movie industries against online pirates – that the vast majority of Internet users will still be freely trading digital materials via anonymous networks by 2014.

Interesting article based on a survey of technologists. Overall the survey seemed to uphold most theories on the future of the Internet. It is good to see that most technologists who answered uphold the idea of blogs and communities driving news and information. It also adds weight to the ideas of Dan Gilmor and his Grassroots Journalism idea.

The lurking danger in the future of the Net is security. We are bombarded by news of viruses and worms and security seems to be on the mind of most IT departments. However, only the future will tell whether there is a wide-scale attack which shuts down a good-sized portion of the Net.