Vignette Migration – Static Pages Headache

One of the biggest problems we are facing in the migration is all the static HTML pages we have on the sites.  If we weren’t changing the look & feel of the websites at the same time, it wouldn’t be such a headache, as we could import them directly as static pages in v7.  However, since we are changing the look of the websites, we have to go through every static page and remove any references to the header, sidebar and footer.

The other issue is the static image and pdf files.  They’re not too difficult to move over, but both the URLs and the Vignette IDs used to reference them will change in v7.  So we have to go through the system and look for any hardcoded urls in the content.

On top of these issues, our publishers need to continue to update some of the static pages, so we have to keep track of when updates occur and try to make sure we have the current copy of the pages when they go live in v7.

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