Vignette – You have to buy the Support we want to sell you…

Our support contract with Vignette is up.  So they sent me a new one – which has several problems with it.  First off, they’ve been overcharging us by 2 CPUs for supporting a development box (you only pay for production CPUs) and they’ve been doing this for years.  Secondly, we’re in the midst of the migration to v7 and that environment only has 1 production CPU (yep, we learned something from the v6 environment).  So when I asked them to just charge us for the v7 support since we were going to migrate to it this year, they came back telling me what support we could have (as opposed to what I wanted).

I was told that the support for the v6 environment would cover the v7 environment during our transition, which is nice but very expensive.  As long as we require support for the v6 CPUs, we have to pay for it, which is true, but I think we can be the judge of what we need support for.  If that system was to crash in the next year, we only get phone support anyway and that’s not going to be much help.  More importantly, I was told that they would have to get their legal department involved to change the support to remove the 2 CPUs they’ve been overcharging us for, and certainly if we just want to pay for the 1 v7 CPU.  They also questioned why we only had 1 CPU in v7 – maybe because all of the issues we’ve had with your product add up to us trying to minimize the risks and committment we have to it?

And since I’ve given them low marks on their Customer Satisfaction Survey, now all of sudden all the divisions want to know why.  Why should I spend the time now to educate them when they make my job so much harder than it has to be?  Why do I have to figure out how to minimize our use of their product because of all the problems with it?

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