Vignette Migration – Preparations to Launch

We have what is hopefully the full checklist needed to launch our first website in the new system.  We’ll be going over it tomorrow (Tuesday) with the group to make sure everyone knows what they are doing and who is responsible with what.  We’ve been using BaseCamp to keep track of everything for each of the websites and we’re going to make sure everyone is using that so we know at a glance where each website is.

Our checklist includes:

  • Training the publication’s content entry staff on the new systems so they have time to get used to it before they are forced to use it.
  • Finish preparing the static HTML pages, including applying the CSS and entering them into the Vignette v7 CMS.
  • Create the XSLTs and the Preview app for the content types.
  • Finish setting up the Production Environment for the CMS/CDAs.
  • Setup the Layouts for the publication website.
  • Run the migration scripts to move the content from Vignette v6 to v7.  Then we have to go through and check the content for any v6 URLs are remove them.
  • Code a custom 404 script to try to direct users to the proper content if they come into the site using a Vignette v6 URL.
  • Rewrite the static content URLs so that we can use some type of token for them in content entry.

It’s not a final list, but includes the big stuff.  Lots of detail to bring together and we’d like to get at least a beta site finished in September so that the publisher can run through it and make sure everything was moved over properly.  It’ll also give us time to work out any bugs we may find in the code/process.

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