In a workshop yesterday 13 new companies were launched.  I’ll blog more about the specifics later, but I thought I would simply list them so you can take a look yourself for now:

Socialtext launched wikiwyg.net – WYSIWYG text editor for any website, wiki, etc.  Also, synchroedit.com

Rollyo – Create your own search engine and search others search engines in your social network.

Joyent – Mail, calendar, contacts, files, binders, all web-based, focused on groups of 20-25.  Has smart binders which pump out rss feeds of changed content.  Can tag content and share to others in your group.

Bunchball – Social application space all about doing things with people you know.  They provide the distribution and infrastructure for developers to create social applications.

Realtravel – Travel blogs which integrate with maps, journals, photos, etc on any place.  Allows community through tagging others content and viewing all the information on a particular place in one view.

Zimbra – A colloboration suite based on AJAX with mobile support which has mail, contacts, calendar, etc.  If you mouseover a URL, you see a small popup thumbnail of the webpage.  If someone mails you about meeting next friday, you can mouseover friday to see a small popup of your schedule for that day.  If you mouseover a phone number, there’s a skype mashup.  It integrated with web services across the web – if you mouseover a fedex tracking number, a small popup shows all the tracking information about that package linked from Fedex.  Looked very neat.

Zvents – what-when-where search of events in a particular area into list-map-calendar, integration with google maps in AJAX.

Knownow – notification servicie of changes in any rss feed you subscribe to.

Orb – gateway to get your stuff from any always-on computer to any other device (laptop, mobile) regardless of file type or plugin needed.  Can access photos, music, videos, etc which is on your computer at home over your mobile device or laptop through a http interface.  The web is everywhere on every device, now you can use that to get ahold of your own stuff anywhere you are.

Wink – search engine which allows you to share what you know.  They aggregate tags and analyze them to provide search results.  You can have personal sharing sets to share what you are searching on with your peers.  The idea is to create a more relevant and accurate search engine through a better user interface and interaction.

AllPeers – Creating firefox APIs for others to use to develop killer web apps.  Two right now: MediaCentre which allows you to tag and organize all files and Web Page Sharing allows you to annotate web pages locally for your own use.

Flock – A social browser which has a stream of events and creates social interactions.  A focuse on favorites/history and blogging.  Has a flickr and blogging tie-in right in the browser and a shelf which allows you to drag and drop any content for your own use later.

PubSub – They are focused on prospective instead of retrospective search.  And also focused on structured blogging with a wordpress plugin which allows people to create your own structured data types which can be used across the blogosphere to aggregate data across the web.

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