Vignette Migration – Current Thoughts on v7

Anyway, my opinion about v7… I’m not really very happy with it right now, but let me address why we chose it. I looked at completely replacing Vignette as our CMS solution instead of going to v7 or renewing our v6 support. However, all the solutions that were out there just were incredibly expensive for the number of sites we have (they had a per site licensing usually) or for the initial investment we would have to make. So we decided to go with v7 because it was a “free” upgrade.

Initially I was fairly impressed with the VCM and their Portal. However, as we dug deeper into the design and our own requirements for the redesign, we decided to design our own CDA on top of their VCM (it saves licensing costs as well). Now we’re in a situation where our own CDA is working fairly well, but we’re having a lot of problems with serious limitations of the VCM. Some of the major problems include having to use widgets to extend the functionality that should be there our of the box – you either have to pay VPS for these widgets (which are expensive and they only support for one upgrade) or you have code them yourself (or have someone else code them). The VCM API is very hard to use and there are a lot of hidden functions and functionality that VPS does not release out to the world (we happened to get them from former VPS employees).

We just rolled out the VCM to some of our employees to train them on content entry. They almost rebelled! The system was so much more difficult for them to use than v6 that they didn’t want to even try to learn it – and these were some of our more technically savvy users. So, we’ve come up with some compromises to make their lives easier, but we are considering the possibility that we may write a layer above the VCM for content entry work. This will probably lead to us completely removing Vignette from our systems when we write our own CMS as well.

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