Vignette Migration – T-One Week to Launch

We’re hoping to launch our first website in the new hybrid Vignette v7 system at the end of next week. Our custom CDA (Content Display Application) seems to be running well, and we’re just coasting on bug fixes as we find them. The team is focused on finishing the XSLTs so that we can display the different content items properly and we actually have what looks like a proper website coming together. We should have all of next week to hammer on the system and work out any bugs, plus have layout review to make sure all the content is displayed properly. We also have to integrate and test some of current systems with the new website, including our Google crawl and our new NetTracker software.

Our SysAdmin is going to be running some bandwidth/traffic testing to see how the system holds up. We had done intial testing awhile ago, but we want to make sure it still looks steady before launch. We have setup the system to allow for clustering of the various systems for scalability.

Currently I am also working on the list of features we will be putting into version 1.1 of the system, as we are implementing a much tighter versioning/daily build type of mentality to protect the asset we have coded.

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