Vignette Migration – T-1 Day to Launch

The site is really coming together now. We have all the XSLTs in place and are in final review stage – what we’re calling NitPick. We’re tracking all the issues in a bug/issue tracker and then going back through the XSLTs to fix issues that surface. We still have a few systems that we won’t really be able to test until the website is launched – namely the Google crawl and our contextual ad system. But those are both based on the Google crawl which should work correctly.

Of possibly more concern, the VCM is taking up to 5 mins to publish items. We have several more publications worth of data migrated over, so hopefully it isn’t a function of how large the database is. We asked VPS point blank if this was a problem, and they said no, the only issue would be without how many concurrent users on the VCM itself (we’re under 10).

This past week we worked heavily on improving the performance of the CDA. We reindexed and analyzed the Oracle tables, which reduced the response time by half on the home page. We also implemented jboss caching on the Production stage, with a time to live of 5 minutes. We’re going to do a last round of load testing today to see how well the caching is doing. There are more places the code can be tightened up in the next few weeks and we also have some options for clustering and server enhancements.

Launch is looking like a go, so keep your fingers crossed for us….

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