Vignette Migration – Launched!

Well the launch went off rather well… The website publisher and his staff have a lot of issues, some of which we cannot resolve because we had to make decisions based on the entire corporate data, not just theirs. Luckily, we’ve been able to resolve most of their issues…

Most importantly, the CDA code is handling the traffic extremely well and is performing very well. We had to add some caching on the java server so it wasn’t querying the database for every user request. The Vignette piece is doing ok, although it seems rather slow if we have any type of migration script going at the same time as we’re trying to use it. We only have about 10 users on that part of the system, but the migration scripts are fairly intense with their calls to the Vignette API to insert our data from v6 (we try to run them at night most of the time).

We’ve also had some issues with our Google box crawling the new site properly. We tracked it down to an issue where our CDA was giving a response code other than what it expects for a redirect. If your page gives a 302, then Google indexes the redirect page but stores it at the original location. If you give a 301 instead, Google will follow the redirect and store the information at the new location. Normally this wouldn’t really matter for search results, but we have a contextual ad system which relies on the locations being in the proper place for ads to show up correctly.

Now we get to focus on the really difficult part… launching the rest of the sites, one per day, by a January 31st, 2006 deadline. Wish us luck!

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