Vignette Migration – 3 Launches Down – 36 To Go

We have three sites launched into the new Vignette v7 system/homegrown CDA. We’re still working through some issues with display, but mostly it is because we’re moving so fast. We have about 10 users on the system, and it seems very slow at times. We’ve had to avoid all migration or publishing scripts during the day – and even moved those to run off a separate server so they weren’t any memory leaks or issues.

Most frustrating at this point is the sluggishness of the VCM. Sometimes you’ll be flying and then all of sudden you’ll have to watch it sitting there trying to load. With only 10 users on the system, you would think it could handle the load. Granted some of our projects have quite a few content items in there, but nothing an enterprise-level software package shouldn’t be able to handle. The worse offender is the browse button when you go to link one piece of content to another. It always goes to the root the first time (at least it remembers the location later), which seems to load a lot of information. It seems like a very inefficient piece of code.

We had some issues with the Oracle server’s cpu spiking at 100%, but those seem to be related to a poorly coded asp indexing service (non-Vignette). However, the VCM has crashed on us at least twice, and been acting sluggish, so I opened a ticket with Vignette. They asked if we were running and inports/exports or publishing scripts, which we aren’t currently, and then wanted to see our logs. They pointed out a few errors with the connection to Oracle and suggested checking the Oracle logs, which we’re following up on now. Once the VCM comes back up (I’m writing this in while it is recovering), I’m going to send the logs to Vignette with this new symptom and see what they say.

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