Vignette Migration – Movin’ Right Along

Migration has gone relatively well so far… we have about 2/3 of the sites moved over to v7. We added another application (Jboss) server to bring the total up to 3 just to make sure we could handle the load. We only have one web server, as another server will be moved into place once we have all the websites off one of the v6 servers.

We’ve still been seeing intermittent issues with the VCM and the Oracle box. Both Oracle and Vignette were pointing the opposite way, of course. Our DBA did some tuning which seems to have helped. Amazingly enough, for an enterprise-level software package, Vignette said that the VCM does not automatically try to reconnect to the DB if all the connections are use – which means you either have to configure it to do that, or you have to always keep the connections well above what it will use. They also avoided the question about why it seemed to keep exceeding the maximum number of connections – seems like it would do some resource work and try to get what it needed from what it was provided…. Yet another reason to get off their software as soon as we can.

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