Vignette – Status Update

Sorry it has been awhile – vacation and moving servers took quite a bit of free time.

We’re still having issues with the VCM acting unusably slow. This week, no one could login or work in the VCM for a good part of the day. Vignette said that they only thing they saw in the logs was one connection type error with the Oracle DB. Now this might cause a problem for a single user, but that error wasn’t coming up all the time. It seemed to be a timeout error, like the VCM was making some huge query the first time a user logged in. Vignette didn’t have any information on a large query that could cause so much trouble.

We tried restarting the VCM with no luck – thinking that there was some process that had gotten itself stuck. Suddenly in the middle of the day, the VCM started running faster than it has for a long time. Our DBA said that nothing was running earlier in the day, but our suspicions really have started to turn towards the database and tuning needed to be done between Oracle and the VCM. We have a VPS consultant coming out on the 20th (yes, it took 3 weeks to schedule even though this is affecting production), to come out and take a look. At this point, we’re just going to have them do the work to fix the problem too, so we can be done with it.

I’ll send updates on what they suggest and whether it helps.

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