Content Entry System – No Update Really

It’s been almost a month since my previous update and unfortunately there hasn’t been much to update. In the past several weeks, I have become more and more concerned with the lack of progress on the part of the contracting company. A month ago we were previewing the system with the editors and we haven’t gotten any further. They wanted to go over the last set of screens two weeks ago, but they were the same ones that the editors saw, except for a few minor changes. My boss asked them for a schedule, but all they did was provide a list of the functionality they wouldn’t be able to provide by the deadline – some of which has to be there for the system to be useful to us.

They got quite a talking to by my boss, but we still have yet to see any programming. Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to do this in house right now with all the other deadlines the CEOs have given us. And we’re paying the contractors quite a bit of money to sacrifice the internal resources as well. There is also the political problem that the CEOs wanted an outside company to provide this for us (for some unknown reason). At this point we are just going to see how the contractors do and pick up the pieces later when we have time.

Oh yah, and we get to pay for all this crap out of our Internet revenue too. Yay.

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