Registration Update

As you may or may not know, we are currently rolling out registration on all of our websites. This will allow us to gather more accurate stats for our advertisers about the type of people who view our sites (and their ads). We currently only have registration on one website – which only has a dozen or so content items restricted. It has been up for about a week and has 18 registrants, some of who are employees.

Registration is not difficult technically to roll out but it does involve quite a bit of communication between each of the publishers, the circulation department, and our registration consulting company (which is the same as our print fulfillment company). The publisher has to choose what content is behind registration, circulation has to make sure the proper demographic questions are in the database for each publication, and the consulting company has to add these questions in and then give us the id numbers that will be returned in their XML.

We also have one paid publication which uses a different print fulfillment company and so we have the added pleasure of not only coding for a paid model but also to incorporate the other fulfillment company. Luckily the other company is very experienced with online registration and also very attentive and responsive. Our current problem is making sure that our first registration company gets everything together to incorporate this other process. Oh, and we have a deadline of August 11th – which includes launching this last site on Vignette v7.

Things are looking ok on our side so far. And we can meet the August 11th date even if the registration system isn’t quite hooked up all the way to the second registration company. We either launch the site without registration, or put in registration but no one can access the restricted content. We’re going to shoot for August 7th as our launch date to leave us time to clean up any mess there may be. Wish us luck with another deadline pulled out of the hat.