Organize Your Brain

If you’re like me, you’ve been fighting with multiple organization techniques for all those ideas you have when you’re out biking, or driving home, or trying to doze off. The best solution so far has been a notebook so I can jot the idea down and get on with what I’m trying to do. Even a small notebook is tough to carry all the time – and there are times when I’m reading something online and my notebook is nowhere around.

I also do a lot of online research for projects at work, looking at the best software/hardware solution, or web page layouts, or whatever. Where do you jot all that down? works fairly well for online content, but sometimes you want to snatch a particular part of an email or webpage and add it right into your research. That usually has been just a copy and paste to a word document, but I’ve been playing with a new product for the past couple of weeks.

Notebook is an application that lets you take notes, outline, export to html or rtf (or whatever) and take clippings from webpages, mail, documents and move the thoughts around into notes that make sense. You can also add keywords and voice annotations and the program automatically indexes your notes (by numbers, alphabetically, urls, etc.). Say goodbye to a disorganized brain.