We Saw It in the Crystal Ball

  • ADWEEK: Want More Ads? Get Better Metrics SAN FRANCISCO Digital ad spending, already at an all-time high and still growing, would accelerate even faster if more online media were audited by independent third-party firms, according to a new joint survey by the Audit Bureau of Circulations and NSON Opinion Research.

This has been coming for a long time. Even different web metrics software will give different results for the same site. We use NetTracker and Google Analytics to monitor our site traffic and they differ. One of the sites that we do have independently audited shows a third result. Our ad serving software, AdJuggler, gives ad impression numbers quite a bit lower than our page views for ads that supposedly show up on every page. The difference between web page stats and ad stats can be explained somewhat by firewalls and security software blocking our ads, plus filtering out search engines and bots differently (we’ve tried to equalize this by having them filter out the same bots), but it all comes down to metrics being counted differently by different software/organizations.

How would these independent third-parties audit? Would they all agree to some type of standard so that different companies would come to the same results (or at least close)? Companies being audited need to demand standards or risk losing revenue to low results.