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I’m baaaaaack

Wow — last post here was 2008.

Once I started Sazbean, I haven’t had much time for personal time posts — add in my side project of LadyParagons, and yah…

Anywho — I decided I wanted a spot online for stuff that really doesn’t fit anywhere else.

I tried Tumblr for awhile — and it’s cool, but there’s just something about having your own website and not having to worry about what an outside company is going to do about it.

Soooo — hopefully more posting here soon! 😉

A Whole New World

Getting close to a new chapter… I was accepted into the University of Michigan’s Business School and I’ve decided to dedicate my time to school and Sazbean Consulting.  This Friday will be my last day at my current job at the publishing company.

I have my office at home pretty much ready to go.  Installed the white board and got my desk setup this weekend.  I need to get all my notes and thoughts in order to figure out all the stuff that still needs to be done.  Most of which is going to wait until I officially start on this job next Monday.

I’m really excited and just a little bit scared.  I generally find change exciting, especially if I initiate it, but there’s a bit of the unknown in this change that is a tad bit unnerving.

I know I’m going to miss the people I work with – even though I plan on keeping in touch – they’re a great bunch.  Working from a home office with a couple of dogs for company is quite a change from working in a corporate environment.

At least at this point, I’m planning on blogging a bit about the more personal side of starting (restarting?) a business (oh yah and going to school at the same time because I’m crazy).

Grand Canyon Trip

Clouds at Grand Canyon

So if you’ve been living in a hole, you may not realize that we have one of the greatest wonders of the world in our backyard… This place is absolutely amazing and really should be on your travel list to see some day. We visited in the winter, which is quiet and peaceful and shows the canyon in its many moods. Words really don’t describe this place.

I’d like to go back and hike into the canyon with Aaron sometime (after a lot of practice hikes somewhere safer).