Web 2.0 – Dale Dougherty, O’Reilly Media, Inc.

Web 2.0 – High Order Bit
Dale Dougherty, O’Reilly Media, Inc.
10/7/04 O’Reilly is proud to announce that we have developed hacked books. With SafariU (www.safariu.com), we’ve allowed teachers to create, publish, and share teaching material. It allows professors to hack textbooks to create custom books by using multiple sources. If you do a search for a subject, and find a chapter from a book you want to include, just select it and add it to the table of contents for your hacked book. The pricing mechanism is based upon the number of pages printed. We have a 100 page minimum.

Make.oreilly.com is a magazine filled with do it yourself projects. It’s Martha Stewart for geeks. She recovered arts and crafts and make it important again and brought it back into the present. Popular Science and Mechanics of the 50s felt like hacking (mostly farm implements). This is a quarterly magazine. We have an example of how to make your own setup for kite a erial photography – your eye in the sky. The author claims to ‘own 250 feet’ because airplanes can’t get that low, so you can take pictures of the tops of buildings. This magazine teaches technology like we use cooking – make something and then share it with others.

We’re also working on an open source photo notes project to go with the magazine.. Which creates digital anotation of photos from projects. You can record on the project or comment on other projects (on the website for the magazine). It gives a sense of collaboration. We use the open source annotation of jpgs (which has been adopted by Flickr).