CMS – Web Impact’s Prism

Prism by Web Impact Web Impact has a content management system called Prism, which I demoed a few days ago. It includes a library of templates, designs and stylesheets, which you can add to or extend. The membership controls allow registration on the web pages and can control access to content by page. By using personalization, a user may choose what topics they are interested in and how much they interest them by using a percentage. Web designers can tap into that percentage for serving up special content. This personalization can also be extended to enewsletters or email blasts. On the back end, content managers can share content across pages. Pages can be moved, cloned or ghosted, with the security that does not allow masters to be deleted when children still rely on them. Prism tracks versions and stores all its content in XML. Prism will help with the migration of data by writing scripts to migrate content over with q&a testing.

Prism’s pricing is based upon either purchase or lease of their software. Leases are based upon monthly pricing of number of sites supported and features desired. Pricing for purchase is similar and yearly continual support is available.