Microsoft vs. Linux

  • CNet: Ballmer attacks Linux on Patent Front Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer warned on Thursday that Linux may not really be free given the intellectual-property risks that could be posed by the open-source operating system. Answering questions after a speech to government officials in Singapore, Ballmer noted that entities using Linux could be opening themselves up to intellectual-property litigation. “There was a report out this summer by an open-source group that highlighted that Linux violates over 228 patents,” Ballmer said at the company’s Government Leaders Forum event.
  • Microsoft will do almost anything to stop the onslaught of Linux into their marketshare. They’ve already lost some government contracts to the open source operating system. They have the money and political clout to take on Linux companies in the patent arena. Even if they are innocent, many companies do not have the cash to defend themselves in court against the OS Giant.

    Microsoft got off with just a handslap in the anti-trust arena, who is going to stop them now? Will innovation and customer choice suffer?