Harvard Chief Doesn’t Stand Up to His Own Standards

  • NYTimesFuror Lingers as Harvard Chief Gives Details of Talk on Women “Where he seems to be off the mark particularly is in his sweeping claims that women don’t have the ability to do well in high-powered jobs,” said Professor Mendelsohn, part of a faculty group that sharply criticized Dr. Summers’s leadership at a meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences on Tuesday. “There’s an implication that they’ve taken themselves out of that role. But he brings forward no evidence.”

My opinion, of course, is that this guy is totally off base.  The fact that he is the leader of one of the most prestigious Universities in the US makes this all the worse.  Additionally, if you judge him according to the standards of his profession, one of education and research, he should be driven out of practice.  As any researcher or professor knows, you cannot make statements to your peers without providing evidence.  The Harvard Chief stated repeatedly that he might be wrong and that someone should prove him otherwise.  However, that is not the duty of the collective community.  If you are going to make statements, especially ones so controversial, it is up to you to provide evidence to back them up.  This applies to anyone in any industry or organization.  This fault alone is enough to remove him from a leadership role.