Apple never ceases to amaze me

I went to the Apple Store last night after work to pick up a new powerbook g4.  My current one is one of the originals, and while it still is in great condition, after four years it is on the slow side.  My husband is drooling over the prospect that I may let him have it as his first Mac – although I cautioned him that he’ll still need an escort to be allowed into the Apple Store.

I got the machine home and powered it up (yay for having enough power to boot before asking for the power cord).  After answering a few questions in the setup, it asked me if I had an old mac and if I would like it to transfer information between the two.  Sure!  I powered down the old mac and attached the firewire cable, pressing T as it booted.  Suddenly the two computers were talking and transferring everything from my old mac to my new.  45 minutes later and I didn’t have to reinstall a single application or move any bookmarks or mail.  Absolutely amazing!