United States of America – The Motherland?

I was sitting down with a glass of wine and some Yo-Yo Ma to write a nice little story in the Inner Space section about the nice Mother’s Day I spent with my daughter.  I was, that is, until I saw a few blog entries on the National ID clause that has been tacked on to the latest military appropriations bill.  Like many of my fellow bloggers, I wholeheartedly agree that our military needs the best equipment possible, and we need to take care of our veterans and their families and those of our soldiers killed in the line of duty.  That said, things as important as the issue of a National ID should not be tacked onto a very important military appropriations bill.  The President would have us all believe this bill is for the good of the military, yet he has failed to mention the National ID clause in the bill.  Most of Congress is silent on the issue.  Come on Guys!  This isn’t Communist East Europe where you need papers to cross state borders.  We can’t even trust companies who make money on our personal information to keep it safe, how can we trust the government to keep safe such important information and trustguard it?  And to do all this without even a little good old fashioned debate?  What is becoming of this country?  THINK!  Everyone needs to think for themselves and investigate the bills this congress and President are trying to push through.  Be Patriotic – Think!

For more information on the Real ID clause and how to take action against it see www.unrealid.com and The EFFs Take Action page.