Monthly Archives: July 2005

Vignette Migration Update

We are currently in the midst of coding the Content Display Application (CDA) as a Java application.  We have the framework done as well as the page generator.  Later this week we hope to have a proof of concept to make sure that our design will work the way we intend.

Next up is the form generator, which will allow forms to be created in the VCM, and then displayed through the CDA.  Automatic validation of form elements, and then execution of the form action is included in this code.  This should simplify the work required by web designers to setup various forms but still allow us the flexibility to support all the various forms that are currently out there and that will be out there in the future.

We are still trying to work out issues with the migration scripts using Vignette’s VBIS application.  If we cannot resolve them in the next week, we will have to code our own scripts to move the data from one database to the other.  This may actually allow us more flexibility to move the data properly, but it will require additional work to create code that is supposed to be supported with the VBIS application.

On the publication side, we are about halfway through redesigning the look & feel of the websites based upon the redesign template.  We have started to create site maps which will help us understand what content on each site is in content entry (in the database) and what is static HTML files which we will have to cleanup and manually enter into the database for migration.

Once a site map is created, we are walking through each site with each publisher to help them understand the process and what content is what.  Any content that should be in content entry which is not we are having the publication enter, and once we reach this phase, we are putting a freeze on all static html pages on the website so that we may prepare them for migration.

Ordinarily, if we were keeping the same look & feel on v6 and v7 we could very easily use the VBIS tool to move the content as static files.  However, with the new look & feel, we have to strip out most of the html from the files, apply the new style sheet styles, make sure the opening and closing tags match, and then enter the html into the database through the v7 VCM.

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