Vignette Migration – Home Stretch

We’re in our final week of migration – and on our final five sites (yes, that’s five). Or at least the final five sites which were included in our Feb 1st deadline. We’re on track to finish this Friday, which is several days ahead of time.

For the most part the system has held up fairly well. We run into issues with it going very slowly sometimes, but we haven’t been able to track down exactly where the issue is. We put in a few tickets with Vignette, but they want to point the finger at Oracle and tuning issues. Which is OK, except it’s their software working with Oracle, so they should tell us the tuning parameters to use with their software. They insist that in order to do that we have to speak with VPS (Vignette Professional Services) – which costs extra. One would think that something like this should be covered in the support contract. We have 9 or so people working on the system at once, without migraton or publishing scripts running, and it sometimes is unberably slow, so we may have to invest the cash to make it bearable until we can rip it out entirely.

About a month ago, we were having issues with the VCM running out of connections to the database. There is a maximum number you can set in the configuration of the system. This makes sense, since you want to be able to control your system resources. However, Vignette does not automatically try to re-send a database request if it is out of connections. That job will just fail. This seems extremely unprofessional to me. An enterprise-level software package should be able to dish out whatever the database hands to it and accomplish the job it set out to do. It turns out you can configure it to re-send the job, but we haven’t had a chance to study it in detail yet. We want to make sure it doesn’t keep pinging the database and then bring it down from a DOS (denial of service) type problem.

Summary: 5 sites to go by the deadline with 5 business days to go. 2 of those sites are ready for internal review and 3 more are very close. Vignette has issues dealing with the database in a professional, enterprise-level fashion.

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