Vignette Migration – The Finish

To little fanfare, but much relief, we made the Feb 1st deadline of moving all the sites to v7 (except the 4 discussed earlier). We actually had everything ready to go the Friday before, so we had a little get together to celebrate our success.

On Feb 1st, we were given several more projects to complete by April 1st (yes it is ready, fire, aim around here), including adding a stats package, registration, and having our google box crawl our buyer’s guides. We also have to move the last 4 sites – which were excluded from the original deadline due to their complexity, difference, or other factors. What isn’t on the list, but is high on the priority list for our publishers is cleaning up all the little things we didn’t have to fix in the original migration. We are trying to go forward with these as we can by adding tickets into the ticket system for the publishers who already submitted change requests.

Since the migration, we have been buried by content entry requests, which we said were too many hours worth of work for the resources we have. There is some debate about what we said originally, but we will be going forward with training the editors to enter their own content.

We will see how the system holds up with many people entering content at once.

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