A New Direction

Starting tomorrow, my boss and I will be taking a new direction with the company. He is becoming the Online Development Director (yes, we tease him about the acronym), and my title is changing to Internet Manager. Together, we have a mission to help this company make a profit on the Internet. It won’t be possible to turn it completely around in the next 6 months, but we need to show a pretty drastic change. Question is, can we?

This is the job I was originally hired to do, but was not allowed to due to politics and a huge question of what the company should do online. There are a lot of low hanging fruit and many of the publishers have expressed interest in our help immediately after the CEO announcement went out. There is way too much to do, but as my boss catches his breath, I am gathering as much information as I can so we can get our feet underneath us.

My first order of business is to create a marketing channel (or channels) that we can get new information out to the salespeople and publishers and let them know what they can sell. We’re also working on putting together a formal strategic plan, but that takes a lot of information – which I am still in the process of gathering. We’ll also have to work out some packages which make things easier for the salespeople to sell…

Wish us both luck – we will need it. But these are exciting times!