EFF.org – More Power!

We had a jeep day on Friday – went out to lunch in one of my co-worker’s jeeps with the top down. It was a beautiful day to cruise to the bar for lunch and a Bell’s Oberon.

As we were walking back to her car, a guy we passed said ‘Yah, Way to go EFF!’ Yep, I was wearing the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) shirt I just got for donating some money, and he had recognized it from the front – which only has 4 icons (padlock, earphones, lightbulb, megaphone) and the words: privacy, fair use, innovation, free speech.

Now this might be commonplace in San Francisco – but it was in the middle of Birmingham, MI, which is in the middle of a very conservative Republican county. I thought that was pretty kewl.

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