Launchpad 2006

InTheChair – Allows non-musicians to make and learn music, has abilities to collaborate and share. Users can buy tickets to play with professional musicians. Beta link: password: web2.0 – Collaborative learning site.

Klostu – Allows users to have one identity on multiple message boards. Also has a mashup of functions so that users can see content on multiple boards and interact with it from one place. password: web2con

Sharpcast Project Hummingbird – Allows you to have access to your files on any machine, online and on your mobile device. Has integration with zoho for online word processing.

Stikkit – A web application using stickies which intelligently knows what type of information is on the sticky in order to ‘file’ it into the proper place. (Very interesting – would love to see integration with other web services) – First automatic ad targeting network. analyzes publisher sites and selects ads based on content without keywords, etc.

Sphere – Blogosphere search engine. Has a widget for publishers that can put on their sites to show related articles and blogs.

Omnidrive – Another app that allows you to share files on multiple pcs, on the web, etc. password: web2con

Adify – Allows the long tail to form a network to entice advertisers to their niche audience. – 3D browsing of the web with a social twist. – An employer to contractor networking site which allows you to see the reputation, comments, past history, etc. of a potential contractor and then hire them through the site. Also takes periodic pictures of the employee’s desktop to ensure they are working and for time tracking.

Venyo – Reputation tracking for the long tail.

TimeBridge – A new way to manage your time and schedule meetings without having to go back and forth many times.