Yahoo!’s Web 2.0 Strategy

Yahoo!’s Web 2.0 Strategy: Users, Publishers & Advertisers (Sponsored by Yahoo!)

Web 2.0 is about the culture of participation, user generated content and the wisdom of crowds. Yahoo!’s four-part strategy is to tie-in to the culture at various levels by enabling the end-user to partcipate in the culture.

The first part of the strategy is obvious – user generated content. By enabling small-time publishers to get their content, be it words, audio, vidieo, etc. out to the world, Yahoo! is providing the platform for ‘my media.’ To allow users to organize this content (and media content) is the second part. Organization comes through tagging, descriptions, blogging, linking, etc. Then, user generated and publisher generated content is distributed via 3rd party blogs, aggregators, publishers, rss, etc. Finally, is to provide an API so that users can generate their own functionality to interact with the organized and distributed content.

How does a publisher engage with this strategy and the culture of web 2.0? First by being a participant, an authority who builds relationships within a community by providing content that users can interact with (comments, forums, tagging, etc.). Secondly, as a micro-community, by using a participation platform to create pupose for a community. Thirdly, as a developer, using a participation platform to create a mashup / new application for the community to use.

Yahoo hopes to engage in all aspects of the web 2.0 culture through content publishing, publisher networks, developer networks and acquisitions.