Count Down – New Content Entry System

We are in the midst of the migration to the new content entry system. Unfortunately, we are still working with a buggy system due to a lack of proper testing on the part of the consulting company. Several show-stopping errors have surfaced and they have been unable to repeat them, dismissing them as mac problems. However, many of the errors happen on the pcs as well, so they finally came over to our office today to get a first hand look at the problems.

The migration scripts have been running since last Wednesday evening and look like they are going to continue working through most of this week. We have quite a bit of content to migrate out of the Vignette system. Of course everyone forgets that we did the same migration into the Vignette v7 system over the course of several months (we ran the migration on the weekends only – one site at a time). Now we are running all the sites at once, inserting types of content in a more efficient manner.

As with most projects, the fun part is the due date: Dec 1. Keep your fingers crossed.