Failure to Launch

The worst implementation ever! After a migration that took almost 2 weeks, we were optimistic that everything would as promised with the new CMS (Content Management System). Ha! With four of us testing, we couldn’t get through even one issue, let alone changes needed to create a new section of a website. Almost everything threw an application error and crashed it. Desparate, we were looking for a single path that we could make work, but it seemed that every ‘fix’ broke several more things.

A week and many dark thoughts later, we seem to be standing at a point where we can try to make the thing work again. The migration data is being re-imported to put us back at where the system was when migration finished. We will have to begin the long, arduous task of re-entering all of the December content and changes, but this gives us two weeks of time to iron out any show-stopping bugs before the imagined CEO deadline. We were considering migrating again during Xmas break, but being completely down for 10 days or so, plus not knowing how the CMS would operate afterwards seemed like too big of a gamble.

My group will get the bad news of having to work during break on Monday, but they have the choice between being forced to come into work or taking freelance money to do the work from home at their convenience. The best part about this plan is the CDA (Content Delivery Application) will still be pointing at the Vignette v7 data and all the December content. We can change it to point to the new CMS once we get all the content re-entered after break. This gives a very good appearance both to the company and to the website readers.

Now we have to hope the system runs as well as it has seemed to the past few days. Monday will be telling.