Feeling Green?

  • BuzzMachine: Green Police Robin McKie, science editor of the Observer, is disturbed that the green cause is turning into an opportunity to tell us how to live when it should be the time to tell government how to govern.

This really resonates with me… Everyone is telling you to be Green, but then the government doesn’t do anything and large companies are allowed to continue to pollute. Instead of making us feel guilty for driving the car we have, or taking a flight to a distant location, how about pressuring companies and the government to make changes to how large-scale pollutants are controlled. It seems that a grassroots drive to create this pressure on companies could do a lot more than making people feel bad about their cars or other habits (often the so called green options have their own set of problems).

We should stand up and make a real difference by making the gov’t and large companies force a change on a large-scale.