Vista Stats

  • Survey: most people know about Vista but few intend to upgrade While most online computers users are aware of Microsoft’s Windows Vista, few are intending to switch over to the new operating system anytime soon, according to a recent Harris Poll. The Harris Poll of 2223 US online adults in early March found that 87% were aware of Vista. Unfortunately for Microsoft, only 12% of Vista-aware respondents were intending to upgrade to Vista in the next 12 months.

Interesting numbers – very different from what Microsoft is claiming, but on for what I would expect. Moving to a new OS is pretty scary for most people, doubly so when the upgrade requires either massive hardware upgrades or a new computer. I’m fairly sure we saw a similar response when Apple originally started their OSX campaign. I was one of the first people to install it, but most people didn’t bother until they either bought a new computer that it came on or several releases later (10.3 I’m guessing?).