Web 2.0 Expo Presentations

The Web 2.0 Expo was a blur… was very busy all day and into the night. Since I’ve been back things have been very hectic at work and I feel like I need to work nonstop for several weeks before I might have a chance of catching up. Sorry I didn’t post more from the conference.

The slides from several of the presentations are here. Most of the ones I attended were very good – a few were boring and some were covering old stuff.


  • Integrating user feedback into iterative improvements in agile development
  • Using CSS nomenclature so that a designer can design the entire look of the UI and developers can input javascript properly – changes to either the CSS or the javascript shouldn’t affect each other and the designer can make look changes just by changing the CSS without breaking any javascript. This has a lot of merit – I need to find their slides and I’ll post them when I do.
  • Microformats – I attended a few talks on these and went to the dinner with the group that’s working on the specifying various kinds. I need to read up on this, but it seems that this would be very valuable for some of the content on our publication websites, specifically the directories information.

More as I get time to digest….