The Difference Between Greatness and Perfection

I think Don Imus is a grade-A capital-J Jerk, but I have to agree with Scott Adams on his assessment of what seemed to be missing from the resolution:

  • Dilbert.Blog: Perfection No reasonable person can fault the Rutgers team for the way they felt in this situation, nor the way they handled it. And nothing could have prepared them for the sort of power they acquired overnight. Their coaches and advisors had never been in this situation either. And while the athletes achieved greatness, how could any of them know how near to perfection they were? Their point had been made. The message had been delivered. What was missing?


    They could have asked Imus’ employers to rehire him, and in so doing, shown the world the difference between greatness and perfection.

Forgiveness would have been the cherry on the top of the perfect resolution. And it would have shown the world that you can forgive those who have wronged you. Clearly there is not nearly enough forgiveness being doled out these days.