Monthly Archives: April 2007

Feeling Green?

  • BuzzMachine: Green Police Robin McKie, science editor of the Observer, is disturbed that the green cause is turning into an opportunity to tell us how to live when it should be the time to tell government how to govern.

This really resonates with me… Everyone is telling you to be Green, but then the government doesn’t do anything and large companies are allowed to continue to pollute. Instead of making us feel guilty for driving the car we have, or taking a flight to a distant location, how about pressuring companies and the government to make changes to how large-scale pollutants are controlled. It seems that a grassroots drive to create this pressure on companies could do a lot more than making people feel bad about their cars or other habits (often the so called green options have their own set of problems).

We should stand up and make a real difference by making the gov’t and large companies force a change on a large-scale.

A Look at Vista

  • Infectious Greed: Playing “Parse the Microsoft Vista Numbers” Microsoft released nominally surprising Vista numbers late today. The company, whose Vista has been widely panned, is saying that one month sales of Vista has been 20-million, which is roughly what the company sold in two months of its predecessor, Windows XP, back in 2002, five years ago.

Some numbers to back up my previous entry on Windows Vista being the most used software in the world. It looks like Vista is doing well, although with the numbers adjusted for the current market of PCs, sales are on par with XP’s launch. So, there still is the question of whether Windows is the most used software in the world? I wonder if that is a claim Google could make instead?


currently have 3 monitors (plus the one on my laptop) on my desk at work. At home, I have a dual-wide flatscreen to hook up to my laptop. Screen real estate is important. When I have to work on just my laptop, I try to compensate by having multiple desktops, but it just isn’t the same as being able to view different documents at the same time on different monitors. CineMassive has taken that to new levels with wrap-around monitors that will cost you at least 3 laptops.

Just don’t show my husband.