Apple Apache Problems

We’ve been having some trouble with our Apple XServe Apache server lately. Intermittently it will just stop serving, but most of the time it seems to come back on all it’s own. One time did require a restart of the server (which I think was also frozen). The logs don’t seem to be too helpful although there are some errors related to web pages requesting files that are not available. It’s hard to tell if this is worrisome since with the set of legacy websites we have, the data has been moved from system to system to system and when people hardcoded instead of using content types properly, there isn’t a way to programatically correct links. After such moves you might expect us to take time to fix these errors, but with only a dozen people supporting 50+ websites, we haven’t had the luxury. Our IS Manager has mentioned reading about some problems with Apple running Apache, so maybe the Apple engineer who is coming in on Friday to help with our video server can help.

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