Image I finally got to see the Transformers movie last night and even though it makes me sound 14, it rocked! I was a huge fan of Transformers when I was a kid and I still have all of the toys I collected, several of the original cartoons that were released on dvd, and the original movie on dvd. I had heard good reviews from a coworker, Paul, ‘giant fighting robots!’ and from my husband, but I was still worried that hollywood had ruined my childhood memories.

The movie was really a lot of fun and as soon as I saw the first Transformer transform, I knew it was so right, even integrating the original transforming sound from the cartoons. The characterizations were pretty good, although Ironhide had some rough edges and we didn’t see nearly enough of one of my favorite Transformers, Jazz, who (spoiler alert!) doesn’t even make it through the end of the movie. And I have to agree with my coworker, Paul, ‘giant fighting robots!’ are way kewl.

As always, they left the ending in such a way to allow additional movies and hopefully I’ll see more of my favorites, such as Mirage, Blurr, and Hot Rod, in future movies.

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