Crazy Weather

Just when I was wondering if we would ever have the summer tradition of hiding in the basement when bad thunderstorms were around, we had this crazy storm go through. During our daughter’s six years, I think we’ve had to go into the basement twice, maybe three times. Maybe memory just condenses down after the years, but I swear we were in the basement hiding two to three times each summer. Obviously the technology for storm tracking and tornado prediction has become much more accurate and they only send out warnings when there actually is a tornado or threatening storm instead of just anytime the sky turns green.

My daughter handled it really well. Initially she was a little wigged out, but after we settled under the workbench with a calvin & hobbes book that just happened to be nearby, she chatted on about tornado drills at school and one time they went in the kitchen to get away from the windows.

Tornados and bad weather still make me nervous, but not as much as they used to. Seeing two tornados from the freeway in South Dakota when there’s no where to go to get off the road or find shelter, will really change your life when you’re twelve and your parents are trying to figure out where to go without sounding too nervous. I remember the date too – July 25th – Christmas in July with the ground covered in hail. It’s too bad I don’t have a picture of those two tornados or that storm – it would be worth sharing – but it is still vivid in my memory.