I decided to use WordPress for my Sazbean site, and I have been very happy with it. The interface is easy to use and so is installation. Customization can be done through open-source widgets and plug-ins, although these can be a bit of a challenge to get to work properly. It is written in php and uses a mysql database on the backend. The php is accessible so you can tweak and edit whatever you want – although anything you probably want to tweak is in the theme php instead of having to touch the base software. It doesn’t have quite the flexibility as Mambo, which is what I’m using for this blog – but Mambo is a full blown Content Management System (CMS) with blogging as an afterthought. WordPress is written specifically for blogging, with the ability to do some static pages as well.

For the purposes of Sazbean, WordPress has worked very well and I think I will be switching both this site and the Dynalink websites to it. I will lose some PageRank from switching over Engineered Thoughts and my feed address will change (I’ll have that go through FeedBurner so I don’t have to worry about that in the future), but I believe it will give a better experience for my visitors and will be easier to manage for me. I’m going to try to work on that today, but might not get done until next weekend. I’ll try to give a headsup here so it isn’t too much of a surprise.

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