Sarah Worsham graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.S.E in Computer Engineering and a Software Engineering concentration. She has a MBA in e-business and has been the Internet Manager for a publishing company since May of 2004. Her team consists of twelve designers, programmers, content developer, flash programmers, and a few managers. Her current focus is educating the publishers and salespeople on how to sell online while providing more online products and services to customers.

Sarah worked on large e-commerce websites right out of college (Eddie Bauer, 1-800-flowers, Western Governors University) and gained some valuable experience. She used this experience to start her own web design company over 10 years ago, Dynalink, LLC, which is co-owned by her husband, Aaron.

Sarah is also very interested in the online user’s experience and reads many books on web interface design as well as information architecture. While she doesn’t always get her way on design for work or customers, she endeavors to make sites as useable as possible within the constraints set by the client.

Now, Sarah blogs regularly on Sazbean.com and does consulting work through Sazbean Consulting, helping businesses use the web effectively for their business goals.  She is also working on a second MBA from the University of Michigan in Strategy and Marketing.