Where’s the Snow?

Global warming is fun and all, but it would be nice if fit would get a little bit colder so the local snow “hill” could make some snow.  We’re supposed to take R out for skiing lessons, but it hasn’t been cold enough for them to make snow since Christmas break.  They say they have “sugar snow” with 12″ variable base – translation: crappy skiing.  While the snow doesn’t matter too much for R right now, there’s no point in paying $$$ for Aaron and I to get lift passes if we can’t take a couple of decent runs.

Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow!

Horsepower + MPG = Awesome Ride

Daily Kos: Doing what Detroit says is Impossible – It’ll get 60 miles to the gallon. With 2,000 foot-pounds of torque. You’ll be able to smoke the tires. And it’s going to be superefficient… Think about it: a 5,000-pound vehicle that gets 60 miles to the gallon and does zero to 60 in five seconds!

Not surprising since the auto companies are pretty much in bed with the oil companies. What surprised me is how much horsepower you can get without sacrificing the MPG. Looks like a superefficient, environmentally friendly Mustang may be possible… Only downside is that these cars are super quiet because of all the lubrication. Half of the appeal of the muscle cars is the rumbling engine – but it seems like that would be easier to engineer than a full-efficient muscle car – might be as simple as a good set of pipes.

Categorizing Information in Web 2.0

You’ve seen the tags that you’re allowed to add to your Flickr pictures, blog posts, submissions to Digg, etc. These are important because they change how we can find and use information:


Old School Media Just Doesn’t Get It

So I’m sitting on the comfy couch last night watching Hitch as I’m folding clothes and sipping a glass of wine.  Halfway through the first hour, TNT decides to go to split screen with the baseball playoff that’s happening on TBS (with text which says as much).  Ok, a baseball game – whatever.  This split screen lasted a good minute or two while I’m trying to enjoy my movie – a chick flick.

The networks clearly didn’t understand who was their audience on the two channels.  If I wanted to watch the baseball game I would already be there – it’s not like it didn’t show up in the channel guide. Most of the audience watching Hitch is probably women who could care less about a baseball game.  The guys are probably already watching the game unless they’re sharing a nice moment with their SO. Who exactly are you trying to win over here?  And how many people did you annoy?  I would have backhanded the network if they were in the room……

New Blog!

Welcome to my new blog! Its the same web address but I’ve moved over to WordPress and spiffied up the place.  It’s much easier to comment, track pingbacks, add tags, and most importantly, write posts!

I’ve moved all the content from the other blog over.  Unfortunately I was unable to keep the same urls as the last blog, but it’s all here and searchable.  If you notice something not working, please let me know.

I also added a Feedburner RSS feed at the top if you’d like to read that way.

Thanks again for reading!